Academy Piano Course

The Academy Piano Course is designed to teach the piano individually or as a group method for students between the ages 6-12

Covering the four essential components necessary for building a solid foundation for the good pianist

  • Practical Concept Learning
  • Theoretical Understanding
  • Performance Practice
  • Intervallic Reading
  • Rhythmic Notation

Book 1 is divided into three sections of ten units each covering: the first lessons; playing hands together; intervals up to a sixth

Academy Piano Course

Book Two - Grade One

Book Two follows on directly from book one by developing the four essentials required to build a foundation for the good pianist

  1. Lesson: these pages will introduce new concepts which will, in turn, build on old concepts
  2. Theory: to reinforce the concepts learnt in the lesson pages, additional supporting theory will consolidate the learning and build a cognitive understanding of music. These can be used as homework
  3. Pieces: For Book Two, most of the pieces will be readable by the student. They will focus on developing technique and musicality by covering a range of styles
  4. Sight-Reading and Rhythm Pages: As with Book One there will be a combination of Rhythm and Sight-reading exercises, the focus will shift more specifically to note reading

Includes three Ensemble pieces (for three pianists), and concludes with pieces regularly featured on the Grade 1 syllabus

Academy Piano Course

Book Three - Grade Two/Three

Book 3 Focuses More On The Pianist As An Individual And Contains A Wide Variety Of Pieces With Supporting Theory, More Advanced Scales And Chord Theory

  • It Explores Modern Techniques Of Instruction, Introducing Creative Elements At The Earliest Opportunity And Works With Pattern And Shape For Reading Music
  • It Also Introduces Technical Elements In Advance Of Their Notation Through Rote Teaching Allowing Students To Concentrate On One Area At A Time To Improve Learning
  • Featuring Music By Classical Composers, Original Works, Folk Song Arrangements And Ensemble Pieces, It Covers All The Key Elements For Developing The Innate Musicality Of The Student Across A Range Of Styles
 Each Book Is Divided Into Three Sections Of Ten Units Each