Words & Music Andrew Higgins [2017]

I hear the laughing crying voices of the children in the summer
I see the sun she’s spinning slowly through a sweet September sky

No more fear, no more pain, no more lies.
Only hopes and dreams, the will to realise, and the skies…

I see the harbour lights they rise to meet the fading evening sunshine.
I count the shadows as they fall across and shimmer in the sea

I wanna feel Raindrops, I wanna feel Moonlight
I wanna feel Madness, I wanna feel Love
I wanna feel Sunlight, I wanna feel Starshine
I wanna feel Sadness, I wanna feel Love, I wanna feel Love

And all those crazy crazy voices can you believe what they say?
All the multimedia noises…
Don’t want to change you, to rearrange you,
because you’re different from the rest…


Searching for the Dolphin


Words & Music Andrew Higgins [2018]

I wonder if this world is real I wonder about truth
I wonder if this love I feel is sentimental proof
I wonder what this life could mean, I wonder who I am
I wonder if it’s all a dream, a supernatural sham

Maybe I’m a dreaming man, waiting for the night
Everyone’s awake

I wonder about time of day, I lie awake all night
I wonder ’bout the blackest eyes staring at the sky

Maybe I’m a dreaming man forced up to the light

Cast adrift my wasted words everything sublime
Existential evidence timeless and divine

Can you feel it, can you see it; all around

I need to touch your velvet skin, I need to kiss your face
I need to feel you close to me, share this time, this space




Words & Music Andrew Higgins [2019]

Sometimes I fear we have wasted too much time
the trouble stands before us, it dominates the mind
They gathered all before them and headed for the coast
others turned to God, The Father, Son and Holy Ghost

Broken Lights in violent skies
Waters flow where Ravens fly

Black Horses hover tethered to a post
Shadows loom beside them, half human, half ghost
Greedy with ambition the prize within their sight
Hanging on a prophecy whispered in the night

Broken Lights in violent skies
Waters flow where Ravens fly
Falling snow in forests green
Covered white winter dreams

I hear a music playing forever on rewind
unsubtle harmonies twisted unrefined
murmured voices mutter something in my head
all about the sorry futures facing us instead
Now resigned to fate, too many hesitate
Can we be something more than this?

It was a miracle, precious like a pearl
contemplate a photograph, and image of the world
and in this circumstance I clearly see how beautiful you are.

Forgotten conversations echo in the night
dissolving in the rising sun, the early morning light.
They try to tell us it doesn’t matter anymore,
and what they have to offer we should be truly grateful for.




Words & Music Andrew Higgins [2020]

A Train trip to the countryside to visit a friend who lost his mind
He lives a quiet convalesce trying to cure his nervousness
It’s not what you’re thinking, enough with the drugs and the drinking

Distance settles on friendship lost, fragments memories blindly tossed
In this world of compromise we stick to our guns and we live out our lives
I gaze at the skyline, this may be the last time

Tracks rolling out endlessly
Away from the smoke and the misery
Every mile like a memory, aah…

Dreams creeping like children, and then society stills them
Until she finally kills them with just a word to the wise.

Tracks rolling out endlessly
Back to the smoke and the misery
trying to be who you want to be, aah…


A History of the World


Words & Music Andrew Higgins [2021]

All my dreams have they blown away
Shadowed trees now they groan and sway
In the darkness of my heartache should I kneel and pray

All my life I have walked alone
Lonely nights in a silent home
In the softness of my silence how I melt away

And I don’t know what I am thinking, I lose my faith with every day
In your absence I am sinking, I fadeaway, I fadeaway
All these crazy thoughts that shaped me take me far enough away
and all the time we shared escapes me it fades away, it fades away

Park the car, turn off the light
A single star in a moonless night
Could the madness of this moment take my breath away


The Age of Melancholia